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Daily comics are on website through special link

Hi. Why can't we get the daily comics on your website?

— Terry P.

Hi. Before we give you the good news, Terry, we first want to alert our loyal Since You Asked readers that your question came in an e-mail with the subject line, "The world's most serious subject — the daily comics."

We couldn't agree more. And we know that our readers take it very seriously, thus the bodyguard for the editor any time there's a change on the comics page.

But no need to plot an editor assault over the lack of website comics, Terry, because we're happy to report that they are available. To get to them, you need to connect to our "eMail Tribune" edition; look in the upper right corner of our home page (www.mailtribune.com) and you'll see the link.

The e-edition contains PDFs of all the pages from the printed newspaper. You can click through the pages one at a time or you can go directly to a specific page. Pretty handy.

We were told that PDF stood for "Portable Document Format," but now it occurs to us that in this case maybe it should be "Pretty Darn Funny." Wait for it, wait for it . ... Oh, well.

One of the cool things about the e-edition is that you can see everything that ran in the paper, including ads and national and international wire stories that might be hard to find on the regular website. And, of course, your favorite, the Since You Asked column, is there in all its glory (Wednesday it was right next to a story about a "cat house" — we need to have a word with the page designers about that!)

Send questions to "Since You Asked," Mail Tribune Newsroom, P.O. Box 1108, Medford, OR 97501; by fax to 541-776-4376; or by e-mail to youasked@mailtribune.com. We're sorry, but the volume of questions received prevents us from answering all of them.