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Ducks mix it up when it comes to uniforms

Rumor has it that the Oregon Ducks football team wears each uniform combination just once. If that's true, what do they do with the legions of used uniforms?

— Paul M., Jacksonville

You know those football players, Paul, always worried about their wardrobe. We'd say the fashionable Ducks were spoiled, too, if they did indeed throw out their feathers after each game. However, the rumor is a quack, according to Ducks spokesman Greg Walker.

The Ducks have six sets of jerseys, helmets and pants, and those garments are changed out on an average of every three to four years, Walker said.

Apparently, those Ducks aren't bird brains, and they caught on to some fashion tips that advise people to buy versatile garments that can be interchanged with other items in their closet. This allows them to come up with so many combinations that they can trick others into thinking they have a walk-in closet packed with fabulous clothes when, in fact, they may have only a dozen or so garments.

"It may seem we change up the uniforms a lot," Walker said. "We have many different combinations between the jerseys, the pants and the helmets. They might wear all green one game but wear a green jersey with white pants at another game."

"How many potential combinations there are, that math is beyond my capability," he quipped.

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