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Since You Asked: Getting out of a jam of our own making

We here at the Since You Asked Customer Service Department are proud to follow the principles of customer service established by the largest and most prestigious companies in the country.

In other words, if you call us with a concern, we'll put you on hold and hope you go away.

However, in the interest of self-preservation, when we get a request that involves the words "kick ass," we are quick to respond.

So, here's a clarification on an earlier Since You Asked column regarding women's roller derby teams, delivered to us by members of one such team.

Before they put us into the rails, we thought it best to publish the following:

It has come to our attention that there was a Since You Asked column published in your Jan. 12 Mail Tribune paper about roller derby in the Rogue Valley. The question asked if Southern Oregon still had a roller derby team. We were quite disheartened to read the response as it only referred to the Southern Oregon Roller Girls.

If you think they're the only league in the valley, well think again. The Roller Odyssey in south Medford hosts a kick ass team named the Sis-Q Rollerz.

Believe it or not, Sis-Q was the first roller derby league established here in the Rogue Valley-approximately six years ago (under a different name at that time) where most of the Southern Oregon Roller Girls started.

We most recently had a bout against the Crescent City Tsunami Sirens in November. Over 500 spectators attended the event at Roller Odyssey to show their support for not only the teams playing but for roller derby in general. As Sis-Q Rollerz we are very proud to say that we still have a large fan base.

Future events for the Rollerz include an open house at the Odyssey on Jan. 26 at 6 p.m. We are currently recruiting new skaters, referees and non-skating volunteers. Come skate with us on the 26th and see what roller derby is all about. We will be doing a mini-bout, raffle, door prizes and taking photos with your favorite derby girl. This fundraiser will help with our next bout in Crescent City as well as help us with the upcoming season that is just now revving up to start! Don't miss this season's action one way or another!

We also have a "Fresh Meat" program to train new skaters. The classes are every Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. You can start at any time. Just come in on a Saturday and we'll get you set up will some skates and get you rolling.

We also have a bout coming up on Feb. 19. Crescent City Tsunami Sirens have asked us for a second challenge to scrimmage with Sis-Q, but on their turf. It will be a great game!

We thank you for your time, and hope that if there are any other questions regarding roller derby in the valley that all teams and leagues will get recognized as representing Southern Oregon. You can contact us at any time at 541-282-4446


— The Sis-Q Rollerz

Send questions to "Since You Asked," Mail Tribune Newsroom, P.O. Box 1108, Medford, OR 97501; by fax to 541-776-4376; or by e-mail to youasked@mailtribune.com. We're sorry, but the volume of questions received prevents us from answering all of them.