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So that's what happened to Medford's disc-golf course

Up until a couple of years ago, Holmes Park on South Modoc was the site of a nice disc-golf course. Then one day, the course inexplicably disappeared, never to be seen again. Other than the tennis courts, playground, etc., the park sits empty and unused except by dog walkers and joggers. What happened, and what are the future plans for the park?

— Terry and Jan S., Medford

In an effort to learn what happened to the Frisbee-flingers, we stalwarts at the Since You Asked Agency of Park Questions and Conundrums took your queries, Terry and Jan, to Medford Parks and Recreation Director Brian Sjothun.

It seems some unsavory antics (think drinking, toking, trashing and bashing) perpetrated by some of the park's disc-golf devotees caused them to run afoul of area neighbors and other park patrons. Myriad complaints flowed into the city, thus prompting the removal of Medford's last remaining disc-golf park, Sjothun said.

There is some good news. Future plans call for another disc park in the southeast area of Medford. But don't hold your breath, T & J, that day is "years away," Sjothun said.

As for the remainder of the activities which are, are not, or will be happening at Holmes Park, the city will seek comments from neighbors and other Medfordites in order to help create a community master plan in the next biennium, he added.

Meanwhile, die-hard disc tossers can head over to Gold Hill Sports Park.

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