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Lost Creek Lake fine for fishing

I did not go fishing at Lost Creek Lake all year because I could not find anyone to answer a basic question. We were told during the algae bloom not to come in contact with the water or eat the fish. But once the bloom was over, no one ever said it was safe to eat the fish. When can we eat the fish after the algae bloom is over?

— Paul R., Medford

It's too bad you missed out on a long year of fishing at Lost Creek Lake, Paul, because you didn't have to.

As soon as the volunteer advisory against fish-eating and water contact at an Oregon water body infused with blue-green algae is lifted, you can eat the fish caught there.

That's according to the state Department of Human Services' Harmful Algae Bloom Surveillance Program, the people who bring you public-health advisories.

Last year, 22 advisories were issued for Oregon water bodies because of blue-green algae levels higher than what the World Health Organization deems healthy.

No one has been sickened from algae-laced water, but dogs have died each of the past two years from ingesting algae-tainted water.

So go fishing now, Paul. Lost Creek Lake has been deemed algae-free since mid-January, and another 25,000 rainbow trout were stocked there just last week for spring break angling at this reservoir along the Rogue River near Trail.

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