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Taxes too high? Challenge

Did everyone else in the condo complex get their taxes reduced or just Mr. Wright because he knew enough to file?

— Katherine H., Talent

It's lucky we have great powers of deductive reasoning at Since You Asked headquarters to figure out your rather cryptic question. It also helped immensely that you provided a copy of the article to which you're referring.

In that Oct. 4 issue of the venerable Mail Tribune, we published a story about a decline in property taxes. Roy Wright, a local real-estate appraiser, said he was able to get his taxes reduced by about $300 a year on a condo he owns in Medford.

You were apparently wondering whether the other property owners in the condo complex received a similar reduction in taxes. The answer to your question is "no," at least not yet.

The owner of the condo next to Wright's paid $1,709.92 last year, much higher than Wright's $1,116.76, roughly a $600 difference. Both units were built in 1980 and are 1,234 square feet.

The taxes on the other condos may go down this year because real-estate values continue to drop. Wright said he thinks the county should have dropped the taxes on the other condos last year.

So, Katherine, we suggest you take a hard look at your property taxes in November, then make the decision whether you think they're too high. You can always challenge your property tax valuation through the Board of Property Tax Appeals at the Jackson County Clerk's Office.

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