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Since You Asked: When is it time for porta-potties to go?

As I drive to and from work, I've seen a "porta-potty" sitting in a business parking lot for quite awhile.

Can anyone put up a portable toilet wherever they want and isn't there some kind of limit on how long it can sit in one place?

— Jeff K., Medford

Well, Jeff, you don't say where you saw this, but using our highly developed detective skills, we're guessing that it's in your hometown, Medford.

That being the case, the answer to your questions is no and yes. ...

... Oh, you want more? Here you go, from the city of Medford's list of ordinances:

Portable toilets may only be used in specified circumstances, such as at a construction site. The city rules require that once the construction is completed, the toilet is supposed to be removed from the premises.

Permits are available from the city for use of portable toilets at special events, but the locations and times of use must be specified. They also may be used at athletic events (Little League and soccer parents everywhere are way too familiar with the plastic potties).

Businesses may use portable toilets for a temporary period. If the business has filed plans to build a permanent toilet, they can keep a portable toilet on the premises for up to a year.

Jeff, if you think the portable outhouse you see on your scenic drive to work has been sitting around for longer than allowed, we suggest you contact the city of Medford's Public Works Department at 541-774-2100.

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