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Talent was named for A.P. Talent

How did Talent get its name? I like the area and its people, but surely the name wasn't derived from the abilities of its pioneer residents. It had to be named after someone.

— J.S., Medford

Like you, J.S., we at SYA World Headquarters share an appreciation of our little town to the south.

We figure there has always been plenty of talent in Talent, so to speak.

However, having been asked this question before, we also know your suspicions are right on the money regarding how it came to be named.

In fact, Talent was named in the early 1880s after pioneer A.P. Talent, who platted the town, reports the book "Oregon Geographic Names."

Talent, who arrived in the Bear Creek Valley from Tennessee in about 1876, had suggested the name "Wagner," but postal authorities overruled him, according to "OGN."

Before being named Talent, the area was known as the Eden District or Wagner Creek, the book notes. The Wagners were early-day settlers.

Talent's post office was established on Feb. 5, 1883.

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