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Police drug drop-off is on a 'no-questions-asked' basis

Since possessing a prescription medication that is not in your name is a crime in Oregon, will I get charged if I take some old meds from my cabinet that aren't mine to the drug drop box at the police department?

— Janet M., Medford

Feel free to dispose of your old pills without fear of arrest, Janet.

Medford police Chief Tim George said the prescription drug drop box at Medford City Hall is a no-questions-asked operation.

"We are just wanting to get these unused prescription drugs out of folks' medicine cabinets before they fall into the wrong hands," George said.

The drop box is on city hall's first floor. Items accepted are: prescriptions, over-the-counter medicine, medicine samples, drugs for pets, ointments, lotions and liquid medicines in glass or leak-proof containers.

Items that won't be accepted are needles, thermometers, bloody or infectious waste, medicines from businesses or clinics, hydrogen peroxide, aerosol cans or inhalers, food items or supplements.

George said the drop box continues to be popular with Medford residents.

"We have to empty it every Monday or Tuesday because it fills up so quickly," he said.

The contents are stored at Medford police's evidence building and then delivered to a Department of Environmental Quality burning site in Marion County.

The box has yielded a few surprises. Officers found that someone dropped a bag of marijuana in the box last week, George said.

"It was less than an ounce of marijuana," George said. "It will be disposed of with the other medications."

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