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Since You Asked: Signage on towerwon't block sightlines

I've read with interest about the "branding" of the airport tower. While I was driving by the other day, I noticed there is a window about halfway up the main part of the building just before the control room at the top.

If a sign is put on the tower, would it obscure this window? Also, what about light reflecting into the control room?

— Dan S., Medford

Actually, Dan, this issue was brought up at a Nov. 17 Medford City Council meeting. The sign would be located over the small window, as you observed.

But Bern Case, airport director, said the sign will be designed so people can still see out the window. The window is located below the room where the air traffic controllers are located and is not used for monitoring airport traffic.

Lighting from any sign placed on the tower would have to be shielded to prevent glare in the air traffic controller room at the top, also known as the cab.

The City Council approved allowing a change in the city code just for the airport.

Under preexisting code, the airport could install no more than a 70-square-foot sign on the tower. The amendment will allow a 675-square-foot sign on each side of the tower.

Airport officials haven't revealed the name of the company yet that will be installing the sign other than to indicate it is related to aviation.

The airport wants to place advertising on the outside of the building to generate additional revenues. The airport would receive $3,000 a month, or $360,000 over the 10-year lease.

If you're interested in more details about the tower, Jackson County commissioners will discuss the matter at a study session at 9 a.m., Tuesday, Nov. 29, in the Jackson Room of the Jackson County Courthouse, 10 South Oakdale Ave., Medford.

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