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Since You Asked: Actually, that was the park in White City

I am very curious about what is being built just east of the library in White City. Whatever it is, they are moving very fast and have already poured concrete for what looks like a circular driveway.

I know the majority of that vacant parcel was designated for a park, but this doesn't seem to be part of that (not that I have much hope of a park happening any time soon). So I am wondering just what is going on?

— C.P., White City

We at the Since You Asked Department of Parks-in-Progress News have good news — even if it is more than a little delayed.

Your query entered our red SYA file several months ago. And there it languished until one of our stalwart crew plucked it from the bottom of the pile.

The good news, C.P., is that the park (which is actually a playground) that you didn't have much hope of happening, has happened. We assume you may know this already because the ribbon-cutting ceremony occurred Thursday.

But we wanted to give a shout-out to the Jackson County Urban Renewal Agency in White City for creating this new community green space in less than six months.

The playground sports a variety of play structures that should prove to be very entertaining to the little sports in your area, says Kelly Madding, Jackson County Development Services Director.

Madding was at the ribbon-cutting and said a group of kids who looked to be between the ages of 3 and 5 were having a fine old time on the new play structures — including the "monkey bars," she said.

The playground's maintenance will be paid for by the White City Community Improvement Association, she added.

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