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Speed limit signs are part of Hwy. 99 improvements

The speed zone signs on Highway 99 in front of Crater High were removed some time ago. Drivers now zip through this area at a good clip. Are there plans to re-install the "Reduce speed: school zone" signs?

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Fine, but only because you said please. How about we just call you "Anonymous"?

The answer to your question, Anonymous, is "Yes and no."

The school zone was originally removed because it was never a legal school zone, Central Point Public Works Director Matt Samitore said.

Legal school zones have to be set up along the school's primary access point, and the Highway 99 section running near it is considered secondary access. Jewett School Road running past Jewett Elementary School in Central Point is another example of a secondary access road, Samitore said.

But because of the speedy drivers you pointed out, several high school students put up speed zone signs in the late 1980s as part of a senior project.

"We were required to take them down," Samitore said.

There are several improvements coming to that road section, however, paid for with a $1 million grant the city just received. A new crossing signal will be installed along with new speed signs that could potentially reduce speed limits for motorists. Public works and Crater High School officials will work together to come up with the suggested speeds.

The project has a projected start date for next summer.

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