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Kodak had building in White City

As I have lived in Southern Oregon for only four years, I do not know many things about the area yet. However, as an active follower of the stock market, I wonder why the Mail Tribune follows Eastman Kodak as one of the stocks "relevant" to the area. Kodak is a struggling company. Did it once have a presence in the Rogue Valley? I have been told that companies such as 3M once did but sold to CareStream, etc. Is there a "story" behind this?

— Ken B., Central Point

Well, Ken, sometimes we here at the Muted Trumpet get stuck in our ways. Perhaps we should have discontinued Eastman Kodak listings back in 2007 when Canadian conglomerate Onex acquired Kodak's CareStream unit — including the White City plant that makes DryView X-ray film — for $2.35 billion.

In the days before stock, mutual fund, commodity and metals prices became readily available to anyone with Internet, the Mail Tribune ran a lengthy daily stock listing, with complete NYSE stock listings on Sunday.

Although there still may be some employees that have held on to their sagging Kodak shares, we are in the process of dropping Kodak from the stocks of local interest.

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