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Tom and Jerry batter can be found at local stores during holiday season

Every November, the folks at Quality Market in Medford prepared a Tom and Jerry mix, a wonderful concoction of eggs and sugar, which, when mixed with rum and brandy, made a delicious hot toddy. Having this available into the beginning of January seemed to make the start of winter a little easier to bear. Since Quality Market has closed, where can the mix be found?

— Virginia H., via email

Quality Market may no longer be with us, but its Tom and Jerry mix still is.

The now-closed East Jackson Street grocery store continues to maintain its Facebook page and posted on Nov. 18 that its original Tom and Jerry batter, made by Denise Mulhollen, would be available through the holiday season at Food 4 Less, SOS Pear Station on Stewart Avenue and the north Medford, south Medford and west Medford liquor stores.

Although this festive toddy was available only November through December, there were still three batches left at the South Medford liquor store. However, we should note there was some discussion here at the Since You Asked Holiday Research Department that we should have a sample just to make sure we know what we're writing about — so there may only be two left by the time you read this.

The other locations, except for SOS Pear Station (which was closed when we called), were sold out of the product and won't be getting any more until next November.

Virginia, if you're still in the market for this warm cocktail to help cope with the dullest month of the year, Safeway will carry its own variation of the beverage for a little longer.

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