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Keeping the Bellas, Vistas and Vitas straight

There appears to be a lot of confusion with my friends when we get together and talk about real estate. Now I know the difference between Bella Vita, the downtown fiasco, and Bella Vista. But are Bella Vista and Vista Pointe part of the same development?

— Frank K., Medford

Bella Vista and Vista Pointe have one similarity — they both can be reached from East McAndrews Road. The similarity essentially ends there. Vista Pointe has several dozen completed homes — most them occupied — a church and a couple of commercial buildings. Many of its lots still belong to a developer. Bella Vista, to the west, has no buildings, went into foreclosure and is owned by Bank of the Cascades. You may also have read that a chunk of its west-facing slope slid down the hill in March.

Since you know all about Bella Vita, it might be helpful to remember that both Bellas are idle. Vista Pointe, on the other hand, has a handful of recently completed homes and new ones going up.

"I've had both real estate agents and people looking for homes ask me if Vista Pointe is sliding down the hill and I always have to clarify that it's Bella Vista that has had a slide issue," said Eric Calhoun, an agent with ReMax Ideal Brokers. "There has been some confusion, but we're busting our tails to get things going and show them the difference."

There's also hope that the downtown Bella Vita development — which now consists only of the Evergreen parking structure — can shed the fiasco tag that you applied. A recent news story reported that Pacific Retirement Services, parent company of the Rogue Valley Manor, is considering building its headquarters at the site, a move that could lead to other corporate headquarters locating there.

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