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Kristin is gone with the wind

We were wondering what happened to weatherperson Kristin Ketchell at NewsWatch 12 in the mornings. She just seemed to disappear. While Milt Radford is quite the looker and all, he's no Kristin Ketchell. Wonder if the long winter sent her to warmer climates? Check it out for us, would you? The morning crew at Costco (break time just isn't the same).

— The Costco Crew

We're pretty sure West Virginia is a lot hotter than the Rogue Valley this time of year, so you might have something there about the warmer climes. Turns out Kristin Ketchell left KDRV-TV in March to take a job with WOWK's Stormtracker 13 weather team in Huntington, W.Va., according to KDRV.

Ketchell spent more than two years as the morning meteorologist at KDRV and developed a loyal following. She also was active in the community, participating in such things as 2011's Dancing With The Rogue Valley Stars, a fundraising event put on by KDRV and Radio Medford.

Ketchell isn't new to life on the East Coast, however. She was born and raised in New Jersey and graduated with a bachelor's degree in broadcasting from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. According to her anchor's bio on WOWK's website, she's looking forward to all the experiences and opportunities West Virginia has to offer.

After your rave reviews, we hoped to catch a glimpse of Ketchell on the station's website, www.wowktv.com/weather, but instead got a neatly coiffed meteorologist named Bryan Hughes. Disappointing — he's quite the looker and all, but he's no Milt Radford.

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