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OR-7 is in California's Modoc County and doing well

All right, Since You Asked Central, I can't be the only one to ask. What's going on with OR-7, that wandering gray wolf that's been looking for a mate in Southern Oregon and Northern California? You guys were giving us OR-7 junkies almost daily updates on his whereabouts for awhile, but you've been mum on him for weeks now. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife hasn't said boo about him for almost a month. What gives?

— D.J., via email

Well, D.J., we didn't mean to leave you OR-7 fans in wolf withdrawal, but the truth is he hasn't been doing much to get himself in the news these days.

To recap, on April 1 OR-7 left Jackson County for Northern California's Siskiyou County. After initially thinking it was a lame April Fools Day gag, we at Since You Asked Central confirmed it was true based on GPS pings from a transmitter collar he's been wearing since February 2011.

OR-7 spent the next 11 days in Siskiyou County, where he regained the title as the Golden State's first confirmed wolf since 1924. But he threw all that away on April 11 and returned to Oregon for six days before hopping south again into Siskiyou County on April 17.

On April 26, his daily ping located him in Modoc County immediately east of Siskiyou County, and he's been a Modoc County man ... er, wolf ... ever since.

That's all according to the California Department of Fish and Game, which gives daily updates only when the wolf is in its state. Likewise, ODFW goes mum on OR-7 when he leaves Oregon.

Will he stay? Well, D.J., as an OR-7 devotee you know he's played this song before, staying in one locale for more than a month and then taking off on a major journey.

We'll stay on his proverbial tail if he takes off again, but suffice it to say that when it comes to OR-7, no news from us is ... no news.

While he's in California, you can follow his whereabouts by checking the CDFG Web page on wolves at http://californiagraywolf.wordpress.com. The agency is pretty good about updating the "Where's OR-7" blog on weekdays, including posting if no new ping is tallied.

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