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Maples will be planted at Queen Anne Ave. school site

Upon completion of Roosevelt Elementary School we were promised by the Medford School District that the various aged trees removed from the Queen Anne Avenue curb side of the school would be replanted.

How sad this remains the only block on Queen Anne Avenue void of trees. What is the plan?

— Margaret Brown, Medford

Looks as if a misunderstanding may have happened between you and the administration, Margaret, because they say a plan to plant trees along the curb side was never in the works.

According to Mark Button, who oversaw the bond project that renovated or rebuilt all 14 Medford schools, including Roosevelt, trees were planted on school grounds, but he wasn't aware of any promises made to replant trees along the roadway.

"The original landscape layout didn't call for trees there," said Button, who took a look back at the school site plans when considering the question.

But don't throw a fit just yet, Margaret.

Button said while the plan wasn't in motion before, the district has just recently teamed up with the City of Medford to plant a few trees.

"We are going to plant some trees over the next month or two," said Button, who is now the facilities manager for the district.

Button said you can expect to see five starter trees popping up in the upcoming months, likely Red Rocket Maples.

The maples exhibit fiery, bright red leaves each fall, and Button said they're an ideal choice for tight areas such as along the curb side on Queen Anne Avenue.

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