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Was that Lo-ZEER or LO-zhur?

What is the history behind the name Lozier Lane in West Medford? My maternal grandmother's maiden name was Lozier. Her family pronounced it Lo-ZEER. Her cousins in Wyoming pronounced it LO-zhur, the same as the street.

— Colleen S., via email

If you're a history buff, it's possible that you've seen a Mr. L.F. Lozier as one of the area's local businessmen mentioned in the "Mail Tribune 100" stories from a century ago.

In case you missed one mentioning him, and we'll assume you did, we can tell you (with thanks to the helpful folks at the Rogue Valley Genealogy Library) that Lewis Franklin Lozier was born on Aug. 29, 1861, in Burbon, Ind. (yes, we spelled that correctly) and died in Medford on May 5, 1951.

According to his obituary, which published in our fine paper on May 7, 1951, he moved to Ashland in 1893, then moved into a house in Medford on a street named after him later that year.

And, thanks to the Southern Oregon Historical Society, we learned that Mr. Lozier owned Lozier Canning Works, which was located on Stewart Avenue, then called Jacksonville Road. His cannery was badly damaged in a dryer fire that started at 9:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 9, 1912. According to our news report on Sept. 10, the fire attracted a large crowd. The loss exceeded $5,000, but he collected $1,500 from his insurance.

All that fire talk is all well and good, but you're probably still wondering the right way to pronounce Mr. Lozier's name. Sadly, we don't have a definitive answer there, as everything we found here at Since You Asked, the Historical Society and the Genealogy Library was written down.

When we pronounced it "LO-zhur" at the genealogy library, however, our helpful researcher, who asked not to be named, replied, "Oh, you mean like Lozier Lane?"

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