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Medford dentist was suspended indefinitely

Hi. I want to know what happened to the case of the insurance scam and the marijuana involving Bongmin An at Medford Dental. I almost made an appointment at that place. So glad I didn't.

— J.B.

It would have been a little pointless, too, J.B.

State records show the Oregon Board of Dentistry suspended An's license March 12. State officials said he has surrendered his license and will not reapply in Oregon.

The original order called An, 43, "a serious danger to public health and safety." An allegedly failed to maintain chart notes for numerous patients between August 2009 and January of this year.

A public board order also says An allegedly fabricated the chart notes to satisfy dental insurance companies. He also stored a patient's marijuana at the clinic and offered to share it with other employees, the order says.

Based on those findings, the board suspended An indefinitely.

You can check out more details online at the Oregon Board of Dentistry's website, obd.oregonlookups.com.

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