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Owners of pigs in fair story tried

I read the article that was in the paper during the fair about the kids who participated in the swine auction. Did any of their pigs end up winning first place? And what were they sold for?

— Brittany J., Medford

It took just a quick walk through the swine barn at the Jackson County Fair last week to notice that those young pig raisers were determined, Brittany.

But as determined as they were, none of the three children featured in last week's article — Parker Bryant, Johnny Wilkerson or Stephy Henricks — were able to secure the spot of Grand Champion after showing their pigs.

After pigs were shown by their owners and judged, they were eligible to proceed to a public auction, where many owners hoped to make back the money spent to raise their animal.

Bryant's pig, Skittles, sold at auction for $8.25 a pound, which amounted to $2,227 for the 270-pound swine.

Wilkerson sold his pig, Ace, for $2,100, or $7.50 for each of his 280 pounds.

Henrick's pig wasn't listed as an auctioned animal for the Jackson County 4-H and FFA Swine Auction.

The auction took place July 18, with more than 200 swine selling at auction to businesses such as Sherm's Food 4 Less Market, Les Schwab Tires and Minute Markets.

The two grand champion swine of the FFA and 4-H sold for $10,440 and $4,352, respectively.

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