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You can find takeout fish & chips in burgertown

There are so many hamburger places in Medford, yet someone wants to know when another one is coming. What we need is a fish-and-chips takeout like Long John Silver's or Captain D's. I don't think we have one in Medford. If we do, can you tell us where it is?

—Ann A., Medford

While we agree it is a little fishy to be fretting over the next burger chain to hit town, Ann, Medford has no shortage of locations to order take out of your favorite fish dish.

A reader last week had questioned whether Five Guys burgers had plans to come to Medford — it appears they don't.

But with or without one more burger place, Medford has plenty to offer in the seafood department for a city that's more than 100 miles from the coast.

While there isn't a Long John Silver's or Captain D's, fish and chips are available at a handful of restaurants around town that specialize in seafood and a few that don't.

The Wharf on Jackson Street in Medford offers several varieties of fish and chips, including cod, halibut and salmon.

Other choices include McGrath's Fish House on East Stewart Avenue, Porters on North Front Street and Red Lobster on Crater Lake Highway.

And if you're not opposed to eating your fish and chips amongst a bunch of burger munchers, you can order them at the Fry Basket on North Riverside.

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