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Allegiant's Oakland flight on a hiatus

Earlier this year, Allegiant announced with much fanfare a new air service between Medford and Oakland. The airline's website map shows the route and allows the start of the process to book tickets between the cities. But when you try to book, all date choices are "unavailable." Did they quietly abandon the service?

— Paul W., Ashland

Turns out you're on to something, Paul.

We checked in with Jessica Wheelers, a spokeswoman for Allegiant, who said the Oakland flight is on "seasonal hiatus."

What this means is that you still can book a flight to Oakland until Aug. 12, but you're out of luck after that.

"At this point, we will not start booking any sooner than Jan. 15," Wheelers said.

She said August and September are typically slow times for travel.

"If we see a dip in demand, we will do a seasonal hiatus," she said.

Wheelers said Allegiant schedules hiatuses to other destinations, as well.

Allegiant doesn't have any firm date for when it will resume service to Oakland, Wheelers said.

Sorry, Paul. It's only a six-hour drive.

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