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'Stanley's' home to many meals

During discussions with my grandmother about her family, she mentioned on several occasions that her uncle was a bartender for a "Stanley's" on Riverside. I was wondering if anyone has any archives on its original location.

— Aaron, via email

We here at Since You Asked are always at the ready to put our archives to good use.

Stanley's Family Restaurant and Lounge was at 510 N. Riverside Ave., just north of East Jackson Street. The building today is home to the Beijing House restaurant and Oasis Lounge.

Thanks to a little help from the Southern Oregon Historical Society, we were able to find through phone books older than many on the Since You Asked team that the restaurant was built in 1961 and opened as Stanley's Pancake and Steak Restaurant.

The restaurant soldiered on until 1997, when it was renamed Apple Annie's, which had two other Medford locations, according to a restaurant review on Feb. 14, 1997.

Apple Annie's didn't last long. A year later, the restaurant became Peppercorn, which failed to last past 2000.

The building stood vacant between Peppercorn's closure and Beijing House's 2001 grand opening.

"The restaurant space that used to be Stanley's for decades is finally back after a lengthy closure," we noted in an Oct. 19, 2001, Beijing House restaurant review.

Stanley's final years in the 1990s weren't its best, at least according to our archives. Other than a handful of assorted meetings held at the location, our only mention of the diner was an April 11, 1994, "failure to comply" rating in the restaurant inspections. It passed a second inspection on April 15.

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