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'Rogue River' available for rent to those unafraid of movie thrills

I heard there was a horror movie being made in Rogue River. What is the status of the movie? Is it out on DVD?

— Robert L., Gold Hill

Lionsgate Entertainment released the new psycho-thriller "Rogue River" on DVD June 5.

The movie, rated R, never made it to the big screen but is available to rent at Blockbuster locations in Central Point and Medford.

Director Jordan McClure, whose parents live in Southern Oregon, came up with the twisted plot, set along the Rogue River near Merlin and Grants Pass.

The cast and crew spent a month in 2009 filming the movie scenes, according to a story by Mail Tribune reporter Ryan Pfeil.

Vision Entertainment Group, founded by Zachery Ty Bryan of the '90s "Home Improvement" TV show and producer and writer Adam Targum, picked up the script and went to work raising the money to make it happen.

The story centers around a young woman, Mara, played by Michelle Page ("CSI:NY" and "The Mentalist"), who visits the area to spread her father's ashes over the Rogue River.

When her car is towed, Mara has the misfortune of meeting Jon, played by well-known horror actor Bill Moseley ("Night of the Living Dead" and "Halloween"), who offers her a ride and a place to stay for the night. The nightmare begins here.

Robert, if you want to know what happens next, check out the trailer on IMDb.com or, if you've got the guts and $3, rent the movie for yourself. Just don't blame us if you can't sleep at night.

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