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Under the waters of Emigrant Lake, sits a town

While I was playing at Emigrant Lake this past weekend, another parkgoer shared that there is a town under the reservoir right near the dam. Her daughter actually reported seeing a gumball machine that she thought was at a gas station after one of her be-goggled dives.

Is there any truth to that? If so, what town was it? Are there are any pictures of the town before and during the dam construction? Just curious.

— Aaron

Not only is there any truth to this fellow parkgoer's claims, Aaron, there's a lot of it.

The "town" you're referring to is Klamath Junction, a small plot with two service stations — which supports the possible gas station sighting — a few houses, a garage and a cemetery.

"There was a dance hall, so I guess it's possible someone saw a gumball machine," said Pat Harper, library manager at the Southern Oregon Historical Society.

According to the article "Klamath Junction: Our history submerged beneath Emigrant Lake" by Lance K. Pugh, Tennessee transplants Elizabeth Fine Hill and her daughters Ann, Mary and Martha helped settle the claim, which grew over time.

Emigrant Lake was created in 1926, but did not cover Klamath Junction until its 1960 expansion, when the town disappeared underwater. Those buried in the cemetery were relocated to higher ground.

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