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Shop fire was caused by a faulty battery being charged

I was wondering what started the fire at the metal shop on Dahlia Terrace in Eagle Point on Monday? It sent up quite a column of smoke that was seen from all over town.

— Brian C., Eagle Point

After a relatively quiet fire season, the Rogue Valley's fire departments have certainly been hopping the past couple of weeks, Brian.

According to Jackson County Fire District 3 spokesman Don Hickman, the cause of the metal shop blaze was a charger hooked to a faulty battery inside the structure.

"It seems the charger was left on the battery and the battery failed, causing the fire," Hickman said.

The fire, at 377 Dahlia Terrace, tore through the 40-by-40-foot shop.

District 3 crews were able to douse the flames before they spread to nearby wildlands.

The building was a metal shop with a loft. It's value was estimated at $40,000.

Hickman said the battery was used to power a large brush trimmer.

He said it's important for business and property owners to monitor industrial equipment at all times.

"You don't want to leave a battery charging without anyone present," Hickman said.

Batteries that are hooked to chargers can fail for many reasons, sparking fires that could be deadly, Hickman said.

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