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Lozier Lane not the city's top priority

When are they ever going to connect Lozier Lane to Cunningham Avenue? I know it is in the future plans because I saw it on the plans at City Hall. The other day I sat on Orchard Home Drive trying to turn left onto Stewart Avenue for what seemed like five minutes, waiting for the traffic to give me a break. With the new homes and the increase in traffic there from the school, it would seem like a good idea to punch that through so the traffic could go over to the traffic light on Lozier Lane and Stewart Avenue.

— James G., Medford

We've always found Lozier Lane to have such a peaceful, lazy sound. But this little country lane has become a busy road in Medford over the past decade or so.

Transportation officials are plowing ahead with upgrading a stretch of roadway, eight-tenths of a mile in length, between Main Street and West Stewart Avenue. The cost: $7.5 million. It involves acquiring rights-of-way through 73 properties, nudging as close as 15 feet to some front doors

That last little stretch of Lozier that you're referring to, James, is certainly on the minds of city officials, but it isn't a priority.

For those not familiar with Lozier, it stops less than 1,000 feet from Cunningham Avenue — the new site of South Medford High School — at the end of a subdivision just south of Stewart Avenue. According to Cory Crebbin, Medford public works director, the city likely will wait until a developer wants to build out the rest of the subdivision before Lozier is punched through.

Crebbin said the street likely will have two travel lanes, a center turn lane and bike lanes.

He said it also would be easier for the developer to provide the right-of-way for the road than for the city to purchase the properties.

What this means, James, is that you'll probably have to wait until the economy turns around a bit more, and a developer is chomping at the bit to start building some homes.

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