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Building near the Greenway is nature center

I look down from the Manor to a stand of trees along the bike path just west of the freeway, between the five baseball fields and the soccer fields in south Medford. This area is rumored to be the Jefferson Bird Sanctuary. What is the true story? Thank you.

— Dorothy B., Medford

Your question's not one for the birds, Dorothy. We hope you feel the same way about the answer.

The spot you gaze upon belongs to the Coyote Trails' Jefferson Nature Center. It's housed in the middle of a 70-acre riparian zone near Bear Creek and is right next to the Bear Creek Greenway.

Coyote Trails officials said the Klamath Bird Observatory used to be housed inside the building, though it has since moved into the same building as Lincoln Elementary in Ashland. It was never called the Jefferson Bird Sanctuary, however.

A nonprofit, KBO does research projects and long-term monitoring of birds. They also lead hikes, field trips and camps.

The Rogue Valley Audubon Society still has some office space at Coyote Trails.

"So we still have lots of birding that goes on," said Molly Kreuzman, grounds and facilities manager.

The Bear Creek Watershed Council and Bear Creek Watershed Education Partners also share the space.

Coyote Trails, an independent nonprofit, is open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily and offers weekend classes about nature, science and primitive-living skills. You can see its website at www.coyotetrails.org.

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