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Pictures of Hope prints are available

I was wondering where I could buy a set of the photographs taken by our local children for the Pictures of Hope project that came into town last month. I am a supporter of this program and would like to pitch in where I can.

— Kris K., Medford

The pictures snapped by our very own Rogue Valley kids can be purchased just in time for Christmas on the project founder's website.

You can place an order at the Medford Salvation Army at 541-773-6965 to receive the bundle of 15 postcards showing the photographs taken by our kids. Check with the Salvation Army to inquire about the price.

"Pictures of Hope" is the brainchild of Detroit-based photographer Linda Solomon. The program empowers kids living in homeless shelters around the country to capture images of their lives on film.

Solomon briefly trains the kids on the basics of photography and gives them disposable cameras to take pictures of their surroundings.

The pictures are meant to symbolize their individual hopes and dreams.

The photographs were displayed and auctioned off in November at TC Chevrolet in Ashland.

The images were recreated on the greeting cards and a single canvas recreation, which were then sold. The proceeds went to the Salvation Army's Hope House.

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