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Table Rock Road work is set for '14

Can you find out if there are any plans in the works to continue the widening of Table Rock Road on out to Antelope Road? Thanks.

— Don

You get right to the point, don't you, Don? Usually we here at Since You Asked like to get a little more buttered up, but it's Christmastime and you seem like a nice guy, so we'll get right to the point, too.

There is a project slated to continue the widening of Table Rock Road north of Medford out to its intersection with Elmhurst Street, according to county engineer Mike Kuntz. That's about a mile short of reaching Antelope Road, but it does add almost two miles of improvements to Table Rock.

Sorry to report, however, that it will not expand the new stretch to the five lanes that the more southerly portion of the road now has. Originally, the plan had been to continue with a five-lane expansion, but funding has been reduced. So you'll get a center turn lane, a safety feature that helps reduce rear-end collisions and generally makes turning left a more comfortable experience.

"We're doing a project we believe will still be good for 20 years," Kuntz said. The project is set to kick off in 2014.

Starting at Table Rock's intersection with Wilson Road, crews will extend the shared center turn lane out to Elmhurst. Crews also plan to align Gregory Road's staggered intersection with Table Rock to improve safety for motorists.

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