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'Bouncin' Betty' has had her ups and downs on the road

When is the county going to repair the recent rut repair on Table Rock Road between Antelope Road and Wilson Road? When first repaired this summer, the new surfaces were smooth and lovely.

After this short time, and with heavy traffic, those repairs have become sunken and bumpy. It's like driving over an old woman's cellulite. That's a rough ruts ride, for sure. My car is fine as far as shocks, struts and alignment goes. Just sign me "Bouncin' Betty."

— Kris S., White City

I don't think we've ever mentioned cellulite before in this column, but that was a pretty evocative image, Bouncin' Betty.

It sure would be nice if we received more questions that were as colorfully phrased (but don't get too carried away, folks).

As to your question, we checked with John Vial, who is in charge of the county's Roads and Parks Department.

He said the repair work this summer essentially ground out the rutted areas where the tires ride in each travel lane, then filled it in with fresh asphalt.

"The ride didn't turn out as good as we were hoping for," Vial acknowledged.

But the repairs did accomplish one main objective: to preserve the road until a major widening project takes place in 2014, he said.

Vial doesn't agree with Bouncin' Betty's suggestion that the ride has further deteriorated since the work was done.

He said that stretch of Table Rock is heavily traveled by cars and trucks. Prior to the work, "alligator" cracking (not to be confused with cellulite) had developed and there were signs that potholes could develop.

Vial said workers essentially ground out 3 inches of asphalt in the areas where the rubber meets the road in both travel lanes.

The three-foot wide sections of roadway were filled with new asphalt, similar to the work done on the slow land of Interstate 5 traveling northbound from Ashland.

The work was a stopgap measure taken to keep the roadway together until a widening project gets under way in 2014. A turn-lane will be installed along with the two travel lanes.

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