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Mysterious hill of dirt is a quarry

There is something going on just north of the Butte Falls exit on Highway 62. It appears to be a very fancy-looking entrance, but the only visible sign of work seems to be a giant hill of dirt or gravel far off in the distance. Have you any idea what's going on up there?

— Daisy S., via email

Well, Daisy, we think "fancy" is a generous adjective for the Freel Ranch Quarry LLC.

The 20-acre quarry, managed by Bob Hulla and his son, Robert Hulla, began operations in May and sits on a portion of Dave Freel's 1,350 acres of property. The entrance is located about a quarter mile north of Butte Falls Highway on Highway 62 in Eagle Point.

"We're just crushing rock and selling it for construction needs," Hulla said.

There is no signage yet, but there is a fancy new road, courtesy of HGC Inc., leading down to the rock pit.

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