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Foothill Road elk put on show

While driving on Foothill Road yesterday in an attempt to skirt the denizens of Medford, we saw a herd of approximately 20 elk. I was under the impression that these elk had all been trapped and relocated. Did they find their way back home?

— Carol L., Sams Valley

No, Carol. In your attempt to skirt some Medford denizens, you stumbled upon some other more creamy-butted ones.

The small herd of Roosevelt elk in the area around Foothill and Vilas roads is what's left of the herd after the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's trapping and relocation program ended there in 2009.

Several dozen animals were captured and released elsewhere, because the herd of about 100 animals had been causing crop damage and endangering drivers.

They have mostly kept to themselves until lately, says Steve Niemela, an ODFW wildlife biologist.

"For whatever reason, they've decided to put on a show along Foothill Road lately," Niemela says.

ODFW has no plans for future elk trapping there, Niemela says.

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