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Medford game maker Trilobyte adjusts its strategy for '7th Guest'

A while back the Mail Tribune ran a story about Trilobyte trying to raise enough money to produce a new game through crowdfunding efforts. Has the gamer made its goal?

— Tony D., Ashland

Medford-based game maker Trilobyte announced in late October it planned to raise $435,000 to fund the third and final episode in its "7th Guest" franchise.

While more than 1,600 people pledged more than $121,000, it was well below Trilobyte's 39-day target for its Kickstarter campaign. However, the global media attention in six languages produced a different kind of result.

A new crowdfunding platform, Crowdhoster, contacted Trilobyte, company spokesman Charlie McHenry said.

"Unlike Kickstarter, Crowdhoster allows us to manage our own site, and set our own rules."

Trilobyte has induced followers to migrate to the new site and reconfigured its strategic plan to get a working demo completed before moving into full production. That means, McHenry said, the firm only needs $65,000 to get the project off the ground.

On Friday, 255 backers had pledged more than $22,000 toward Trilobyte's $65,000 goal with two months remaining in its latest effort.

"The demo itself will form the core of our expanded campaign to fund the entire gate," McHenry said. "It should be a real motivator for fans, and for potential new players."

McHenry said the beauty of the new approach is that money can be raised incrementally for the project.

"In a larger sense, this is an evolutionary extension of what Kickstarter began," McHenry said. "At first, you had to use their platform, now that the crowdfunding market is maturing, other independent platforms like Crowdhoster are appearing."

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