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Pit bull seized after attack on pigs still in quarantine

I've read with interest the ongoing stories about pit bulls. Recently you had a photo in the Mail Tribune showing a pit bull that was in quarantine at the animal shelter. The poor dog looked so pitiful. It's hard to imagine that he would be euthanized. What happened to the dog? I hope they found a way to prevent it from being euthanized.

— Mary S., Medford

Well, Mary, the pit bull you're referring to — it's actually a she named Roxy — is still in quarantine as of this week, but her prospects don't look good.

"We're still trying to determine whether she is suitable for adoption, but (it's) probably not likely given the circumstances," said Barbara Talbert, manager of Jackson County Animal Services.

Roxy attacked some pigs in Shady Cove.

"Roxy had part of the pig in her mouth," Talbert said.

When the owner of the pigs intervened, Roxy lunged, biting the owner on the forearm.

Another pit bull, 5-month old Toby, was also present but did not attack the pigs or the pigs' owner, so he is available for adoption, Talbert said.

"Toby was supposedly the innocent bystander," she said.

Animal Services contacted the owner of the pit bulls, who surrendered the dogs because he didn't have a yard that could contain the animals, which allowed the dogs to wander onto neighboring properties.

Pit bulls and pit bull mixes are involved in more dog bite cases with the county, and in the city of Medford, than any other breed.

Pit bulls also are the most common type of dog available at the animal shelter.

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