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Dog-bite cases: 54; guns fired at people: 27

Because 89 people and animals have been bitten by dogs in the past three years in Medford, I'm curious about how many shootings have occurred in that same time period. I would like to know shootings in general (where shots were fired) and casualties, both wounded and fatalities.

— Doug S., via email

We'll need to clarify a couple things before we give you our answer, Doug.

When you say "89 people and animals have been bitten in the last three years in Medford," you're referring to a story we did on the potential pit-bull ban in Medford.

According to statistics from Medford police, there were 89 dog bites reported in Medford between 2011 and 2013. Of those, 43 attacks were on humans, 24 were on dogs, 13 were on humans and dogs, and nine were on cats.

Of those 89 cases, 45 were attributed to pit bulls or pit-bull mixes. Eleven of the attacks on cats and dogs were fatal, and eight of those were from pit bulls or pit-bull mixes.

Medford police tell us tracking down the information you requested was tricky. The agency does not categorize crimes by type of weapon used. It's either murder, assault, attempted assault or menacing, depending on the case. However, Lt. Mike Budreau was a good sport and was able to narrow those numbers down to those in which firearms were involved.

According to his data, 27 cases between 2011 and 2013 involved someone firing a gun with the intent to harm another person. Of those cases, seven resulted in injury, and three were fatal.

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