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White City tops for cheap property taxes

I want to buy a $200,000 house in Jackson County. Can you tell me which town has the cheapest property taxes based on that value? Where can I go see what property owners are paying for and for how long? Love your column!

— Anne W.

Thank you, Anne. Always nice to get fan mail. We'd pen our response on some nice stationary and mail it to your home address, but that seems to be the issue you've come to us with.

Jackson County Assessor Josh Gibson tells us White City has the lowest property tax rate of all Rogue Valley municipalities, at $11.45 per $1,000. Keep in mind they are not incorporated, however. Next up is Jacksonville, at $12.27 per $1,000, followed by Shady Cove, at $12.50.

"Everything else kind of bumps into the $14 to almost the $17 range," Gibson said.

Of course, Anne, the expense of property taxes trails the expense of purchasing a home. The median house price in Jacksonville in the most recent report was over $291,000, while White City was just over $135,000. If $200,000 is the price you're sticking with, the median price in Phoenix was exactly that for the November-January period.

As to your second question, the free Jackson County program Property Data Online can help you out. Available at www.jacksoncounty.org, the program is a great resource in looking at the real market and maximum assessed values of properties on any given year. You can look up properties by address on the site, but you can also look them up by owner name in the office. The program also offers the sales history of certain properties and other features.

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