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Hill's first R was created by students

What's the history behind the white "RR" at the top of the hillsides overlooking Rogue River?

— J.B.N., via Facebook

JBN, we at SYA are glad you asked about the RR in RR.

After inquiring about the letters with the Woodville Historical Society, we were pointed in the direction of Ross Chapman, the man in charge of upkeep for the current incarnation of the letters.

Chapman says he took on the task of putting the two Rs on the hill after vandalism of the original R.

"Someone had painted it pink and then turned it into an F," Chapman says.

Chapman reached out to the Duro-Last roofing plant in Grants Pass, which made the R in its second incarnation. The company built two 50-foot-high Rs out of scrap roof material and donated them to Chapman, who installed them on Feb. 23, 2011, with the help of a group from his church.

The history of the letters on the hill goes back even further. Chapman says students at the local high school created the original R with sheets and sacks of lime during spirit week in 1973.

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