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Permits don't give you a pass to park anywhere

I buy a monthly parking pass for the downtown garage. Am I restricted to just the parking garage or does my pass allow me to park in any of the city lots?

— Tina I., Medford

There's apparently no blanket parking pass in Medford's downtown parking zone. You get what you pay for, and nothing more.

Some parking lots are color-coded. For example, the Evergreen structure, attached to the One West Main building, is green, while the Middleford parking structure, across Sixth Street from The Commons, and home to Diamond Parking, is red.

We're told the reason the city limits cross over from one monthly parking area to another is the limited number of spaces. Airlines may overbook flights, but Medford frowns on overselling its parking spaces.

"Parking passes are issued per location," said Linda Fait, operations manager for Diamond Parking, which contracts with the city.

"If they purchased a day pass, those are valid on any of the surface lots. But there aren't any on-street parking passes or carte blanche permits that work that way."

The city has a website detailing limitations, with dos and don'ts about where to park your car.

If you desire to know more than anyone but the ticket writers about downtown parking, check out the city's parking brochure at goo.gl/8XiEm4.

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