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Tennessee funeral held for snowshoer lost on Crater Lake excursion

I heard a Crater Lake National Park snowshoer was missing a few weeks ago but did not read any Mail Tribune reports as to the outcome of the search. Have they recovered the snowshoer?

— Edgar H., Medford

We did run a story on the efforts to find the missing snowshoer, but we did not have the man's name at the time. He still has not been found.

A story from the Klamath Falls Herald and News has since identified the man as 31-year-old Cameron Blake Parnell of Mount Juliet, Tenn.

Parnell was last seen April 28 in the area of a collapsed snow cornice near the crater rim, according to Crater Lake National Park spokeswoman Marsha McCabe.

Parnell had been hiking between the Rim Village and Garfield Park, but he veered off the typical route, park officials said.

According to the Herald and News report, Parnell had rented snowshoes at Rim Village and searchers found tracks along the Garfield Peak trail, ending at a point where it appeared the cornice — a large overhang of snow — had collapsed.

Melting snow conditions and extremely dangerous terrain at the point where the cornice collapsed to the lake, have limited recovery efforts.

An obituary from the Tennesse newspaper says a memorial service was held in Lebanon, Tenn., last Saturday.

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