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Cars may not be parked on street indefinitely

We have some neighbors who have parked a car on the street for several months now. Pretty sure it hasn't moved, because there are cobwebs under it. I don't want to be a crotchety neighbor, but it's kind of an eyesore and I'd like to see them either get rid of it or park it in their garage.

— Samuel, Medford

Samuel, we would not call you crotchety at all. Maybe a bit persnickety, but not crotchety. After all, you have the law in your side.

In Medford, a city ordinance (Ord. 6.345, "Storing Vehicles or Objects on Streets") spells it out very plainly. It begins:

"No person owning or controlling any vehicle or any other object shall cause or permit it to be stored within the roadway of any street. For purposes of this section a vehicle or other object shall be deemed "stored" after five consecutive days if the vehicle has not been moved a minimum of 25 feet, and each day thereafter during which it remains in place shall be deemed a separate offense."

The rules are tougher if your neighbors decided to park something larger on the street. For any "motor home, motor truck, truck trailer, manufactured dwelling, or manufactured structure," the limit is 24 consecutive hours.

A vehicle parked on the street long enough to have cobwebs may also have expired plates. If that's the case, they are not allowed to park it on the street at all.

The Medford Police Department will probably not respond with lights and sirens to your complaint about the illegally parked car, but they will check it out. You can let them know via an online form. Go to the city of Medford website, www.ci.medford.or.us, click on "City Departments" and then "Police." Below the smiling picture of police Chief Tim George, you'll find a button labeled "Report an incident online here."

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