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Winter weather took its toll on Antelope Road vegetation

I notice all the many plants and bushes planted next to the sidewalk on Antelope Road in White City are not being maintained. There are lots of rampant blackberry bushes. What happened that it's not being taken care of?

— Bea M., White City

Well, Bea, it looks like winter is what happened.

Maintenance of the plants along roads falls under the duties of the Jackson County Roads Department. Director John Vail says that, while they've tried to take care of the plants, Mother Nature had other ideas.

"This last winter was harsh, and it killed a lot of the shrubbery," Vail says. "It was pretty selective on what it killed."

The trees on the islands in the middle of the road also have been problematic for the department.

"We've tried different things with them, but they just aren't happy," Vail says. "We plan to replace them with low-growing bushes."

Vail says that the plan is to replace the dead and dying plants this summer. However, he said, it is not a top priority compared with other projects.

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