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Allegiant Air continues flights in and out of the Rogue Valley

Do you know whether Allegiant Air is leaving Medford? I have been trying to book a flight to Las Vegas in November for two months. The last date available in October 28. I have contacted Allegiant Air and received only generic replies. Thought you all might have heard something.

— Tom D., Medford

Allegiant Air is still scheduling flights in and out of Medford, primarily to its home base in Las Vegas. And Allegiant still is flying to Los Angeles International, as well.

Airlines often release booking information six months in advance. From the looks of the time-stamp on your email, Tom, you were trying to book a flight just beyond six months.

Allegiant spokesperson Jessica Wheeler told us the company just released its fall and holiday schedule last week.

"I think every airline has their own time line and generally falls in that (six-month) time period for a couple of reasons," she said. "First, we don't have a ton of demand that far in advance, and the second reason is that it's very difficult to predict an appropriate price of a flight that far out in advance."

Wheeler indicated the Los Angeles flights may be suspended after summer, adding its route to Mesa, Ariz., outside Phoenix, remains on seasonal suspension.

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