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Location of old train is unknown

Along Highway 238 about halfway between Applegate and Murphy, right along the highway, sat a train. For probably 50 years or more it sat. It was an attraction for me, and one of my earliest memories was my folks stopping to let me look. It was there as recently as a few months ago. I ride my motorcycle that way often. I'm well over 50, and now that fine old train is gone.

Where to, to whom and why I know not, neither do I know any of the history of whence it came, what it did or where it did it.

I wonder if any of you might know of this old train and perhaps know or can find some answers.

— JD, Medford

Hi, JD. We here at Since You Asked were able to do exactly what you asked: get some answers. Just not all of them.

We know who the equipment belonged to. We just can't tell you where it's gone.

Tony Johnson of the Southern Oregon Live Steamers tells us the locomotive belonged to Bert Beecher, a railroad enthusiast from Ashland, who apparently built it with his father about 50 years ago. He stored it, a caboose and lots of track at the location you mentioned.

Beecher had another locomotive he used to run at the Jackson County Fairgrounds. Johnson tells us he would also frequent the Medford Railroad Park.

"He would just come down here and sit and watch all the train action on public run days," Johnson says.

Beecher's whereabouts are currently unknown, and Johnson says he doesn't have a phone. Where all his equipment has hightailed it to remains a mystery, unfortunately.

"All we know is the stuff is not there anymore," Johnson says.

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