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Parking spaces are for Britt volunteers

I like to hike in the Jacksonville Woodlands and normally park in the public lot at the Jacksonville library. Lately, however, the part of the lot where I park is blocked off, set aside as "volunteer parking" from June to September. I assume it's parking for Britt volunteers, but they generally only work in the evenings and only on days when there are concerts. What gives?

— Carole B., Talent

Well, Carole, we at Since You Asked Central are always on the lookout for unearthing secret agendas among public officials, even down to the few choice parking spaces off C Street in Jacksonville.

We'll even look past the irony that you want to park as close as possible to a trailhead so you can walk a few miles.

It turns out that, yes, those parking spaces are set aside for Britt Festivals volunteers under an agreement with the city of Jacksonville, police Chief David Towe says. The old volunteer parking area was lost amid Britt's ongoing expansion efforts, so the city decided to help Britt out until it can get a new volunteer parking area built, Towe says.

But restricting these spots only for Britt volunteers technically is not enforceable, Towe says, because they were designated by city officials and not voted on by the City Council.

"So if someone wanted to pull in there and park, they could without getting a citation or towed," Towe says.

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