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ODOT oddity

What is ODOT doing with the strip of asphalt in the median strip on I-5 between exits 43 and 48? I noticed today they also put up some metal posts with cable railing. Is this a walkway in the middle of the freeway?

— Greg

That'd be a pretty short walk, Greg. What do you call something like that? A semi-sidewalk? A pop-up path? It would make a game of hopscotch a heck of a lot more interesting, that's for sure.

Invented terminology and fictional possibilities aside, though, that asphalt strip is actually the foundation for a new cable median barrier. The folks at the Oregon Department of Transportation tell us it will help prevent head-on collisions for folks who cross the solid yellow lines. It's part of a $6.2 million paving project, which goes from Evans Creek to Rock Point. The work is scheduled to wrap this autumn.

There are two sections, one to the north of Valley of the Rogue State Park, and one to the south. Once it's all in, ODOT says it will be easier to mow and maintain near the barrier.

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