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No traffic signal slated at Main and Highland

I am surprised and kind of appalled that there is still no traffic signal at the intersection of Highland and East Main Street. Ever since the city and ODOT changed the south Medford interchange, the traffic trying to turn left toward downtown backs up on Highland. There’s a constant line there — a lot of times four or five cars waiting to turn. The visibility isn't very good there due to shrubs in the neighbors’ yards and cars parked on the street. I see people taking dumb risks there several times a week as they try to pull onto East Main. Any chance there’s a signal in the works?

— Lewis, Medford

Sorry, Lewis, a signal at the intersection of East Main Street and Highland Drive is not in the works.

“We have $2.2 million budgeted (this biennium) for traffic signal work, but none of it is for a signal at Main and Highland,” said Medford Public Works Director Cory Crebbin.

Traffic on Highland increased from about 4,100 cars per day in 2006 to 5,300 cars per day in 2012, an increase of nearly 30 percent, Crebbin said. The south Medford interchange opened in 2009.

However, traffic along East Main east of Highland dropped from about 6,000 cars per day in 2006 to 5,300 cars per day in 2012. Traffic along East Main Street west of Highland dropped by about 200 cars per day over the same time span.

“(The intersection) may already meet some of the warrants for a traffic signal,” Crebbin said. “However, we have a lot of intersections in Medford that meet warrants for traffic signals.”

Crebbin said the city recently restriped East Main Street to eliminate a hazard at the intersection of Main Street and Willamette Avenue. That intersection was number four on a list of the top 50 intersections in Medford with the highest accident rate.

The city currently is looking at intersection improvements at Spring Street and Springbrook Road, which is number five on that list.

However, the intersection of Main and Highland did not make the list of accident-prone crossroads.

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