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Stewart Meadows driving range days are numbered

From your story about the reworking of Hansen Creek, it appears the driving range west of Meyers Lane won't be part of the new Stewart Meadows Village. Is KOGAP moving it elsewhere?

— Wade B., via email

You correctly perceive the driving range's future. Although there isn't an exact date for the range's demise, it won't likely be used past 2016.

That would make it an even 20 years for the practice range, which opened in May 1996 and is capable of handling 20 to 25 golfers at once.

KOGAP Enterprises Corporate Development Director Ed Istel said Hansen Creek's new channel won't cross paths with the driving range, but a realigned Meyers Lane will cut through its fairway. Istel said there will be some lost jobs tied to the closure, and the grounds crew for Stewart Meadows Golf Course won't have as much work.

Golfers looking to hit a bucket of balls will still have options, including Bear Creek Golf Course, Eagle Point Golf Club and Centennial Golf Club.

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