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Manor remodel won't include seismic retrofitting; it's already anchored to bedrock

I saw the nice article in the Mail Tribune recently that the Rogue Valley Manor is going to look like the Eiffel Tower and become a real icon. I thought I saw that the Manor was going to spend more than $7 million for the facelift. I am sure it will be beautiful, and I have always enjoyed the existing look of the Manor in its older classic 1950s style.

If there was a magnitude 6.0 earthquake, I am curious if the Manor has been or is going to be retrofitted to modern seismic standards. When was the Manor retrofitted for an earthquake?

— Dee S., Phoenix

 We’re not sure the Manor will become as identifiable as the Eiffel Tower, Dee. That’s a pretty tall order — pun intended.

Just to let you know, the cost for the remodel of the Manor building is about $8 million and should begin Sept. 2. The plan is to remove the windows and turquoise panels and replace them with a neutral color on the 10-story building. Adroit Construction Co. of Ashland is the contractor.

Replacing the windows is necessary because the building’s original 1960 heating and air conditioning system had become outdated. The windows needed to be removed because they cover much of the heating system in the building.

Back to your original question, Dee. The Manor is not being seismically retrofitted as part of this remodeling.

According to Lisa Mandell, marketing director for the Manor, the building exceeded the construction standards of its time. It is constructed of steel reinforced concrete and is anchored into the bedrock of Barneburg Hill.